From building maintenance to renovations, our services give you the peace of mind that come from having a professional advocate.

We believe in keeping our services flexible to meet the individual needs of our clients, whether you are renovating a bathroom or an entire building.

Our services also extend to co-op members and townhouse owners, helping them manage their buildings in ways that are carefully planned and cost effective. By developing maintenance and upgrade schedules, our clients gain the ability to prioritize their resources and make informed decisions.

This process begins with hiring trade specialists to conduct a thorough inspection. The information gathered is then made into an inspection report that gives you an assessment of the major building components. You also gain a team of local service professionals that are then familiar with your buildings condition and are available for future service.

An inspection report will:
  • Note repairs that require immediate attention
  • Outline a seasonal and preventative maintenance schedule
  • Determine the projected life expectancy of building systems
  • Establish a short-term and long-term building upgrade schedule
  • Identify and tag gas, water, electric and sprinkler main shut offs