Benchmark Founder
Ralph Hassard
“It all really begins and ends with respecting the sanctity of the client’s home.”
Ralph HassardWith over twenty years of construction experience, Ralph Hassard brings a balanced, skilled perspective to every project. He also brings a unique appreciation of form and function thanks to a Master’s Degree in Art and Design. Ralph always believes in putting the needs of the client first. “We are dealing with people’s homes and, quite often, a large part of their life savings. My responsibility is to protect my clients, and it is a responsibility that I take very seriously.”

After graduating School of Visual Arts in 1991, Ralph began building custom furniture and later expanded into designing and renovating interiors in New York City. In 2005, he held a position at Plaza Construction as a Project Superintendent, managing multi-million dollar projects for such clients as Alliance Capital, Hearst Publishing, and Fisher Brothers. Then in 2007, Ralph ventured out again on his own to create Benchmark Projects LLC, a two-division company combining general contracting and architectural millwork with a 5,000-sq-ft facility. In 2010, Ralph dissolved the general contracting and millwork divisions so that he could focus his attention solely on serving clients as an Owner’s Representative.